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Our workshops are designed to support and enhance the learner's experience within their forensic degree programmes.


We have two workshops available:

  • Forensic Anthropology & Human Osteology
  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Forensic Anthropology & Human Osteology

This unique workshop is designed to support and enhance scientific knowledge and practical applications of forensic anthropology and human osteology.  Working with real human skeletons, learners develop key skills in building a biological profile for successful human identification. 


The workshop covers:

  • The Importance of Forensic Anthropology in Forensic Science
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Osteology
  • Estimation of Sex
  • Estimation of Age at Death
  • Calculating Living Stature
  • Skeletal & Dental Pathology


This workshop can be complete as:

  • One Day Workshop
  • Two Consecutive Days Workshop
  • Online lectures (including 3D scans of the skeletons for learner participation)

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

This fun and engaging workshop is designed to explore the controversial discipline of forensic facial reconstruction.  Learners will evaluate the various methods of facial reconstruction used in multiple scenarios including forensic investigation before completing both a 2D & 3D facial reconstruction themselves.  



Perfectly compliments the Forensic Anthropology & Human Osteology Workshop


This workshop covers:

  • The Importance of Facial Reconstruction in Forensic Investigation
  • Estimation of Sex 
  • Estimation of Age at Death
  • 2D Facial Reconstruction 
  • Case Studies
  • 3D Facial Reconstruction 


This workshop can be completed as:

  • One Day Workshop
  • Two Consecutive Day Workshop
  • Online lectures (please contact for more details)
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