Due to the Covid-19 outbreak times are uncertain and many of you may be nervous about how to teach your children science at home.  We are here to help and support you so we are building Downloadable Home School Packages which are available to purchase from only £3 per package


We are a small business which has been financially affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and sadly cannot offer these for free but they are available for only £3 per package and you will receive everything you need to just download and go! Packages include Microscoft PowerPoints, worksheets, project booklets and science experiments which can be done at home while still meeting the National Curriculum requirements.  Every package also includes an easy to use parent guide


Explore this fascinating world with your young people


Keep safe and look after each other x



Sherlock Bone provides an exciting and unique opportunity for learners across the country to explore science ideas, teamwork, transferable skills and independent research. Learners are given the opportunity to experience practical application of science, build confidence, problem solving and communication skills.


All of our programmes are taught by enthusiastic, highly trained tutors able to teach to all levels from key stage one to degree level.  We are passionate about getting people from all backgrounds excited about science, providing them with positive experiences. 


Supporting STEM


All of our tutors are registered STEM ambassadors.  We understand the importance of supporting STEM subjects which is why many of our activities are designed to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics


Our Aim is to:

  • Ignite interest in science   
  • Develop communciation and organisational skills
  • Develop team leadership skills
  • Develop team building practises
  • Develop problem solving skills


All courses include both theory and hands-on practical sessions 


Our Strengths:

  • Encouraging independent learning as well as team building practises
  • Unique workshop experience working with real human remains
  • Tailor-made workshops to suit our customers
  • Reliability to deliver
  • Range of skills covered including the development of communication, organisation and problem solving


Our Customers

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