Sherlock Bone
Sherlock Bone 

Primary School Workshops


These workshops are designed to support and enhance the current KS2 national curriculum, providing a range of fun and engaging workshops while promoting confidence as well as high aspirations and careers.  


Gain hands-on experience working with real human skeletons, performing dissections, learning about our environment and much more!


Join Detective Duo, Sherlock Bone & Scotty Watson on a immersive experience as you embark on problem solving activities, puzzles and scientific experiments for you to conduct, in order to solve the mysteries


Our programmes include: 

  • Forensic Crime Scene Investigation
  • The Gross Human Body
  • A Greener Planet
  • Plant and Soil Science
  • A Science Mix


These are available as:

  • Individual Day Workshop
  • Whole School Day Workshop
  • After School STEM Club (depending on location)
  • Holiday Clubs


All of our workshops to suit you, so please contact to discuss your indivdual programme needs 

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