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Sherlock Bone 

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We are the Bonesville detective duo, Sherlock Bone & Scotty Watson.


Welcome to our range of interactive e-books designed to teach you about the world of forensic science used within criminal investigation and mysterious activities.  Our e-books will submerge you into an immersive experience of reading as you embark on problem solving activities, puzzles and scientific experiments for you to conduct in your very own home, in order to solve the mysteries wrapped within the pages. 


Follow us on our worldly adventures learning about history, culture and the use of forensic science to unravel the truth!


Dany Green
Dany is a lecturer on forensic science, specialising in biological anthropology, who has dedicated her career to promoting excitement and passion in science.

After 16 years of running successful workshops in science and its application to forensic investigation, Dany has created the characters of Sherlock Bone & Scotty Watson to take readers on an immersive experience to explore the world of science, history and culture to unravel the mysteries that lay within the pages.
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