Sherlock Bone
Sherlock Bone 

Back in May 2007, I launched the company of Sherlock Bone to provide exiciting and  unique science-based workshops for learners across the UK.  These workshops were designed to explore scientific ideas within the world of forensic science, develop teamwork skills, experience practical applications of science as well as build confidence, problem solving and communication skills.


All of the programmes are successfully received and have been attended by thousands of learners of all backgrounds, discovering their own passion and excitement within the world of science. 


As time has progressed, I have created the characters of Sherlock Bone & Scotty Watson in a bid to bring the excitment of science and its applications within the fascinating world of forensic science into the homes of young people around the world.  These interactive ebooks are designed to submerge readers into an immersive reading experience using their own knowledge and skills developed to solve the crimes and mysteries hidden within the pages.  


Why not, join the detective duo on a journey of discovery as we explore a world full of history, culture and science


Bon Voayage!

Dany Green



Supporting STEM


As a registered STEM Ambassador, I aim to promote the importance of supporting STEM subjects which is why many of Sherlock Bone & Scotty Watson activities are designed to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 


Our Aim is to:

  • Drive passion and interests within science   
  • Build confidence in reading and STEM subjects
  • Develop communciation and organisational skills
  • Develop innovation and creativity 
  • Develop problem solving skills


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