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About Sherlock Bone

Sherlock Bone is desgined to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Forensic Science with specific reference to Forensic Anthropology, giving a unique opportunity to study forensic science with 'hands-on' experience of real human remains


Since May 2007, Sherlock Bone has provided forensic science based workshops in schools, colleges, universities, adult learning centres and museums throughout the UK.


The workshops offer an exciting opportunity to learn about the human body and the role of science within criminal investigations for people of all ages


Sherlock Bone workshops are designed to:

  • Enhance the biological element of forensic science 
  • Enhance interests in science   
  • Develop communciation and organisational skills
  • Develop team leadership skills and team building practises
  • Develop problem solving skills


All courses include both theory and hands-on practical sessions 

Our main strengths:

  • Encouraging independent learning as well as team building practises
  • Unique workshop experience working with real human remains
  • Tailor-made workshops to suit our customers
  • Reliability to deliver
  • Range of skills covered including the development of communication, organisation and problem solving 

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