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Weekly Programmes - Term Time


Week One – A Sustainable Future

  • Introduction to sustainability and a more sustainable future
  • Sustainability goals exercise set by the UN (KS4 and level 3)
  • Identifying areas of improvement of sustainability in the home, work and global
  • Differentiation of low-carbon energy and alternative energy
  • Introduction to renewable energy sources
  • Group research project on a renewable energy
  • Group presentation of research
  • Discussion


Week Two – Pollution

  • Introduction and definition of pollution including primary and secondary pollutants
  • Human activity resulting in environmental contamination
  • Group research and case studies on either contamination of waterways, gases into the atmosphere, land, accidents and illegal activity
  • Presentation on research
  • Discussion
  • How human health is affected by exposure to pollutants


Week Three – Global Warming

  • Differentiation of weather and climate
  • How do oceans affect climate?
  • Natural factors which affect climate
  • Assessing the impact of human activity on the Earth’s climate exercise
  • Discussion
  • Case studies on historical variations in the Earth’s climate including ice ages, medieval warm period and little ice age (KS4 and level 3)



Week Four – Wildlife Conservation

  • Definition of conservation
  • Research into the environmental, aesthetic, ethical, social and economic reasons of why conservation of ecosystems are necessary
  • Discussion
  • Identifying different conservation methods including in-situ and ex-situ conversation
  • Research project on a wildlife protection scheme currently being operated.  Learners to research background information about the scheme, methods of conservation and success
  • Presentation and peer assessment


Week Five – Build Wildlife a Home

  • Outline of the STEM project of building a home for wildlife
  • Research what chosen wildlife needs – this could be for hedgehogs, bats, birds, insects etc.
  • Design the home
  • Produce
  • Make information and instruction leaflet for schools
  • Presentation of final products


Week Six – Recycle, Reuse, Repair & Reduce

  • Introduction to the methods of waste disposal
  • Differentiation of recycle, reuse, repair and reduce
  • Assessment of own lifestyle to identify where R, R, R & R can be improved
  • Share feedback
  • Outlie the project of R, R, R & R from an item brought from home with additional materials supplied
  • Completion of project
  • Presentation of product and assessment of how well it went


Week Seven – Transportation

  • Introduction to transportation and the environment
  • Describing current transport systems
  • How combustion of fossil fuels by transport systems produce air pollutants
  • Group research on how pollution from transport systems can affect the environment
  • Presentation of research
  • Exploring policies that reduce the environmental impact of transportation systems (KS4 and level 3)
  • Technological solutions in transport systems that can reduce environmental impact
  • Assessment of how behavioural solutions can reduce environmental impact


Week Eight – Earth Watch

  • Introduction to the Earth Watch global project and its objectives
  • Outline the Earth Watch citizen science projects
  • Citizen Science project – Soil quality
  • Citizen Science project - Water quality
  • Citizen Science project - Worm project 


NOTE: Some activities will involve learners working with tools and mild chemicals.  All risk assessments are available upon request

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