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Sherlock Bone is passionate about igniting the excitement of science in young people.  Due to these uncertain times, we understand that many of you may be feeling nervous about how to teach your children science at home.  We are here to help and support you so we are building Downloadable Home School Packages which are designed to be easy to use, fun and engaging while still meeting the national curriculum standards in science.  


How our Science Home Packages Work


Simply click on the package you wish to purchase, download the resources and you are ready to teach your children about the exciting world we live in.  


NOTE.  Read the Parent Guide in advance of teaching, just to give you a heads up on the use of the Microsoft PowerPoint slides as well as a few ideas to extend the activities if you wish.  Don't worry, this guide is only a few pages so only a bit of light reading is required 


Packages consist of Microsoft PowerPoint, worksheets, project books – everything you will need to just download and teach


We are working hard to update the website of new packages as quickly as possible so keep checking.  In addition, regular updates of new packages will be on our Facebook page

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