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Sherlock Bone understands that it is not always possible to run one of our workshops at your school for a whole host of reasons but why should the learners miss out on fun, interactive and engaging science activties? 

We aim to inspire generations of young people to explore and be excited about science, so we are now offering you the chance to download all the teaching resources you need to run your own CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION in your classroom without the extra work 


Once purchased, all you need are the learners!


All packages include: 

Scheme of Work

Overview and structure of all sessions within the package programme.  Includes assessment of learning methods, identifies British values, every child matters and keys skills in numeracy, literacy and IT


Lesson Plans

Detailled overview and structure of each session in the package.  Session aims and outcomes.  Detailled teacher activity and learner activity throughout each session, resources and reflection of each session


Each session has a presentation to lead the structure of the session.  Neat layout and informative.  Compliments provided teaching materials


Equipment List

Equipment list of recommended websites to purchase any additional equipment required for practicals.  Hands-on practicas 



Provides all resources required for each session eg. handouts, activities, booklets etc.  Hands-on practicals


Crime Scene Investigation                                          £30


Crime Scene Investigation & Collection of Evidence

Includes 5 sessions:

  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Recording a Crime Scene
  • Examination of a Crime Scene
  • Methods of Evidence Collection
  • Recovery of a Crime Scene



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