Sherlock Bone is passionate about igniting excitement and building confidence in science.  Designed to provide a range of Fun and Unique workshops to explore the world around us.  Give your learners the opportunity to work with real blood, real human skeletons, build with recyclable materials, study iconic figures and events of the past or even perform a dissection


Discover something new!


We offer:

  • Full Day Workshops
  • Weekly Programmes
  • Evening Classes

All at competitive prices




OFFER 1 - When you purchase  weekly programmes, you will get a full day workshop & an evening class one day each week for the duration of the programme, see savings upto 25% off the original price!


OFFER 2 -  when you purchase one of our Forensic Murder Mystery Weekend programmes, see savings upto 20% off the original price!



All of our workshops are tailor-made to suit you

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