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Sherlock Bone offers a range of workshops to adult learning centres throughout the UK




All of our workshops are a ‘hands-on’ experience with real human skeletons.


Workshops are tailor-made to suit you


Workshops are designed to encourage scientific learning and practise, team work, problem solving and being creative.   

Forensic Crime Scene

Practise and learn about a range of scientific techniques to investigate who committed the crime……
This workshop offers activities in:
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Identification of Human Skeletons
  • Identification of Fingerprints
  • Identification of Blood
  • Identification of Hairs and Fibres
  • Rotting Meats and Insects
  • Handwriting and Document Analysis
Workshops can be purchased as full day sessions ranging from one day to five consecutive days.  
Popular purchases of the Forensic Crime Scene workshops for adult learners are the Murder Mystery Weekend - contact for further details

Forensic Anthropology & Human Osteology

Discover the inner workings of the human skeleton and how forensic scientists read the bones to identify who they once belonged to……
This workshop offers activities in:
  • Building the Human Skeleton
  • Identification of Sex
  • Identification of Age at Death
  • Identification of Diseases


Workshops can be purchased as either one or two full days

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Put your artistic skills to use by creating a 3D clay model to identify an unknown person using only their skull!
This workshop offers activities in:
  • Identification of the Human Skull
  • Facial Reconstruction Case Studies
  • 2D Facial Reconstruction
  • 3D Facial Reconstruction


Workshops can be purchased as either one or two consecutive full days

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